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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Albuquerque! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Albuquerque, NM. Wild animals don't take the day off to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. They don't take days off sick. That's why we don't take days off either, and why our phone team and field operators are available 24/7, all throughout the year, to take your call. Being faced with a wild critter in your home is not pleasant, and that's even more so the case if you're up against an animal that can be perceived as dangerous. Venomous snakes are no problem for us, and we'll even handle smaller and larger creatures — anything from the smallest mouse to the largest groundhog or deer. If you have an urgent situation, such as a venomous snake in the kitchen, we can offer you a home visit from one of our fully-trained, insured (for commercial and business premises), and licensed operatives within hours. Call us now at 505-303-4508 for your Albuquerque wildlife control needs.

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Albuquerque Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: How to Keep Raccoons Off Your New Mexico Property Forever!

Like other creatures, New Mexico raccoons only invade the yard or home as there's something here which they are looking for. In many cases, it is food. While it is also possible that they are searching for water in the yard or rummage in the garbage cans.

Following are some tips to keep these animals away from your property:

1. Remove Garbage cans and Other Attractants
Those who live in suburban or urban areas, have probably raccoons in their Albuquerque garbage. Pay a visit to your yard, remove all the garbage items you find there. If there are berry bushes in the yard, discard them too.

2. Secure the Garbage Cans
Another best way of keeping raccoons out of your property is securing of garbage cans. Buy the metallic cans having tight lid on them.

3. Using Electric Fence
Many New Mexico gardeners say that it's the best method to keep these creatures away from the crops. Installing the electric fence can make them run away. Though they are expensive but they work well. Once you zap the fence, raccoons go running into hills for sure.

4. Scare Tactics
To scare away the Albuquerque raccoons is another option. Few gardeners have experienced success with using sounds, flash lights, scarecrows, and some other tactics for scaring these animals from the gardens or yards.

These tactics can be very effective however they are generally used as a short-period solution. Until you provide something which scare them for life, raccoons get used to the sounds and sights after some days.

5. Use Homemade Deterrents
If scare tactics and fences don't work, use Albuquerque deterrents.

Spraying the New Mexico garden or yard by using the mixture of the chili powder and grounded up garlic can deter the raccoons also along with some other dangerous pests.