TOP Steps to Take If You Encounter a Nest of Albuquerque Baby Armadillos

We often received messages from different people informing us about the New Mexico wildlife creatures that they’ve discovered on their trail and this will include the nest filled with baby armadillo. The animal may appear to be in distress but we do not encourage you to interact with them. They probably carry pathogens and parasites that can be transferred to human. Aside from that, it is also highly likely that they are not abandoned by their mother armadillo.

What You Need to Do In Case You Found a Nest of Albuquerque Baby Armadillo

Transferring your scent on the New Mexico baby armadillos will prevent the mother armadillo from retrieving her babies. Before you commit any mistake, follow the tips that we will mention below. This way, you can guarantee that you are providing assistance to these fragile creatures.

Ensure that They Are Indeed Orphaned

Once you encountered the nest, it is advisable to stay away from it. However, you may need to monitor it from a distant location to guarantee that they will stay safe from the threat of the predators. Wait for a few hours; it is possible that the mother went out to hunt for foods. The little ones may be old enough to explore the place close to their burrow. After two hours and there is still no sign of the mother armadillo, it is time for you to act. 

Call the Help of the Wildlife Rehabilitators

This is the first thing that you should do one you are sure that the babies have been abandoned by the mother armadillo. By calling them, they can provide you a set of instructions that can increase the survival rate of the baby armadillos. Listen to their instructions carefully; a tiny mistake can put the lives of the baby armadillos at risk. They will also ask you about the condition of the babies. This will help them determine the best way to assist the poor creatures.

Keep them Warm

After receiving the instruction from them, you will have to keep them warm. Place them inside the cardboard box and put the box in the dark area that will resemble the ambiance of the burrow. You can use a heating pad to keep their temperature at an ideal level but be sure that they will not be directly in contact with the heating element. Alternatively, you may use a bottle and fill it with warm water. Wrap it in a cloth or towel before placing it close to the baby armadillos. Replace the bottle from time to time. This should be enough to keep them warm.

In case they appear to be dehydrated, do not carelessly feed them with fluids. They do not have the capacity to digest Albuquerque formula milk. The best way to rehydrate them is by giving them Pedialyte. Use a tiny feeding syringe and feed them very slowly. Forcing them to ingest liquid can lead to aspiration. In the absence of Pedialyte, you can mix an equal portion of salt and sugar into the water.

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