Can You Catch a New Mexico Rat in a Cage Trap? Is it Effective?

There are a lot of options for catching an Albuquerque rat. Sometimes, we might want to go the humane way of catching the rat and releasing it back to the wild. This brings us to the question of if cage traps are a good option for this choice.

The Answer is Sometimes

Cage traps are sometimes the best option for New Mexico rats when you want to trap them properly and return them back to the wild. It is the best option if you don't care about the survival of the Albuquerque rat after disposing of it. If you care, there are some reasons why it is not a good option. 

The Reason Why it is Sometimes not a Good Option

When you relocate a rat, in most cases they don't survive. Thus, the fact you have trapped a rat and relocated it does not mean the rat will be able to survive. Furthermore, the is the chance of the trapped rat returning back to your house, if not properly relocated. So if you really care about the survival of the rat and not wanting a return, you might be wondering what to do.

What to Do

You should relocate the New Mexico rat to a warm environment with a lot of food. Food is one of the reasons rat move about and if there is enough food in its new home, it should survive and not bother to return. However, it is also important to dispose of the rat as far away as possible from your house, to make it difficult for it to find its way back.

Other Limitations with Albuquerque Cage Traps

Other limitations of cage traps include:

  • Cannot be placed in nooks or cranny that rats usually follow.
  • You will need a lot of cage traps as one or two would be counterproductive.
  • You should check the Albuquerque trap regularly, perhaps every 8 hours or the rat might die.

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